Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Lewis exploring Triassic,  San Rafael Swell, Homestead area 
I’ve been asked countless times (most w/ oozing enthusiam at least) why such a lofty, ‘probably won’t go’ goal? To which I answer, why not?

In a world that has succumbed to instant gratification, easy fixes, & labor-less intensive, driven hopes & dreams, I see no other choice, atleast for myself. For the past 30 years I’ve lived such a life.

Dreamed such dreams, & have only failed; failed by never truly failing due to lack of drive, guts, & fear encompassing the unknown. Ask honestly, ‘who are you?’ The answer takes much more audacity then the question itself, for the answer is rarely what we want, & skews directly against that which we thought & percieve. The answer then becomes the question.

Success is but a dream. A frivilous destination. It is failure that is Reality. The Path.

I am done declining all that there is, & am ready to accept all that is.

So…Why not? It is high time I get to know myself thouroughly.

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