Monday, December 26, 2011

31 5.12 redpoints before 31

Morning of 'The Blight' - American Fork Canyon, Hell Wall
i have been training for app. 1 solid month now. Have not felt a growth in strength, courage, or determination. It is becoming a heavy, sordid thing, shadowed w/ obsession. It is all i am beginning to be able to think about. As i sit here writing all this, i wonder why such a lofty goal? Why do i continue to train, despite my hatred for gym climbing, diets, the sore fingers & tendons? Why continue to fight when failure is so frightfully colored? A quote comes to mind: "Every society colours its own decline with illusions." Illusions to what? Perhaps the finality of it all...It all comes eventually to the same sum. What am i looking for, & what or to whom am i driven to prove? Are all these nothing but the human drive to create purpose by weaving illusion all about our constant, inevitable decline?

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  1. "Why continue to fight when failure is so frightfully colored?"
    Because wasting away with nothing accomplished into the grey is the most enormous failure. I beleive that the more art we contribute to this world, the more our energy/spirits can retain their form once we pass from these bodies. Rather than dispursing into the universe like a pile of gum wrappers and dust when a gust of wind hits it. Climbing is an art. Writing is an art. You will still exist once your body has climbed its last.