Friday, March 16, 2012

atmospheric conditions & then…?

Lewis & Haggle in their Subaru 'Buddha Beast'
W/ The Blight behind me, the euphoric sense that has been w/ me has dwindled & dried & thoughts of the future have returned. What to do next? has become a daily question for me. Already, nervousness & antsy-ness have filled me once more as if this next climb will be my first. It occurs to me tho, that perhaps this is how I should attack each subsequent climb, as if it is my first. This ensures a heightened sense of awareness. A Sensitivity of my abilities & drive; a pin-prick of fear has never hurt anyone, in-fact, it can only help.

As I peruse my list of climbs, I settle on 2. Both in the same area. Separate walls. Both the same grade: 5.12a. Both, judging by the descriptions, equally unsettle my stomach W/ lines such as "a tricky heel hook gets you out onto the scary slab" (god…slab climbing). I chalk this up to ‘1st time jitters’. No worries.

So I settle on 2, but the onslaught of inclement weather this weekend gives me a cushion, a break of sorts. Allowing me to meditate just a little longer before I have to break down & name the climb.

Until then, it is easy street, as it were. Who among us doesn’t enjoy, every once & awhile, house work & a weekend lunch of PHO w/ the person you love?

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  1. At most pho-ric con dishins & then two ticks.

    I cant help but feel like you've somehow hinted to which climbs to cream next. I am frittering away my work load, with excitement, and crave to read on.